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Bob Gagnon Plumbing & Heating - Radiant Heat Specialist


IN THE YEAR 2001 I started working on my solar hot water system. I started
with a home-made box-type collector. This system had simple set point controls and provided less hot water than I had hoped. I was only able to pre-heat my domestic hot water. In Sept. 2004 I installed an array of 120 Thermomax tubes that performed extremely well.A little bit of water sealed inside the vacuum tube boils at about 100 degrees! This heat rises up to a heat transfer bulb at the top of the tube
   home-made box-type collectors   which is inserted into a manifold that circulates
anti-freeze and brings heat down to my solar storage tanks. Both of my collectors now have delta T controllers that automatically sense the tank temp. and turn on the collector pumps, when the collector temps. rise above the tank temp., collecting a lot more heat. My system has 2 tanks. The heated solar water first circulates into a 200 gal. tank that provides priority domestic hot water.
  The water then flows into a 1500 gal. tank that I              120 Thermomax tubes
use for Radiant Heating and to pre-heat my domestic. This tank temp. varies between 85-140 degrees, and can store a lot of btu's. I expect my 200 gal. tank to run hotter, maybe 120-150 degrees. I have a lot of radiant in my house, floors, walls, ceilings, and I am installing more, so the lower temps. my big tank is providing, 85 and up, become usable. Solar also becomes more efficient
             200 gallon tank   at the lower temps., it's easier to harvest 120-140
degree water than the 150-180 temps. that are required for other heating systems, like baseboard heating. Solar and Radiant are a perfect match, and Radiant also happens be the most comfortable. This system provides me with all my domestic and some of my heating. As of this writing, it is late December and my boiler has been off since I installed the vacuum tubes. I supplement the solar hot water with some passive south-facing glass, and with a wood stove in the colder weather.
                 1500 gallon tank

  radiant in the stairwell                        radiant in the ceiling          

My business phone rings at my house so I am available to answer your questions or schedule jobs. I have a cell phone and I can be reached during the day for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY!

Having complete faith in the quality materials I use and my own ability allows me to provide a 5 year guarantee on all large plumbing and heating installations. For example: boiler replacements, heating systems, bathroom remodels.

Please feel free to contact me at: office/home 978-453-2211
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