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Bob Gagnon Plumbing & Heating - Radiant Heat Specialist

Water Heater Replacements

Water heaters usually last an average of 8-10 years. You can tell if you need a new heater if it leaks out of the bottom. This is usually preceded by your hot water showing signs of rust a month or so before it leaks.
If you have a leaking water heater you should shut off the gas to the water heater- then shut off the cold water going into the tank. Then call me to see which tank is best suited for your needs.
   newly installed water heater         

I will remove your old tank and dispose of it and install your new tank usually the same day if I'm notified before 3 PM. If you prefer I can install your new water heater after you get home from work at no extra charge. The tank and labor are guaranteed for one year; after that for the remainder of the guarantee I will handle the paperwork to get you a new replacement tank free. You will only have to pay for labor.

I am a master plumber/ gasfitter with 25 years experience and I'm fully insured. You can trust me to install your next water heater.

You can contact me at home/office 978-453-2211 or
e-mail at:

emergency cell phone # 978-853-4873