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Bob Gagnon Plumbing & Heating - Radiant Heat Specialist


When my wife and I decided to build our new ocean front home, the choice 
as to who would do the plumbing was simple - Bob Gagnon. He has done work for me since he was 18 years old -- for almost 30 years -- and it was reassuring to know that the Plumbing and Radiant Heating would be done by a very dependable and competent professional. It is rare to find someone who takes such obvious  
pride in all his work. We are very pleased with our radiant heat and will continue to recommend Bob Gagnon to all our friends.


 Arthur and Christine Faneros

Going with Bob Gagnon Plumbing was the best decision I made on our
remodeling job. Bob was joy to work with. It was a pleasure to have him working around the house, and around our children. Our house has radiant heating and cooling. It is a far more comfortable and luxurious heat that I would have anticipated. Bob is incredibly smart and has come up with some great solutions for our house. He has installed heating pipes in the granite
counters and the oak staircase. I love having radiant heated counters; I get the granite without the cold. Our staircase is a pleasure to walk on in our bare feet, and our children love playing on it. We really felt Bob went above his plumbing and heating duties. He double checked everything that would affect the the way the radiant heat would function. He made sure the flooring, insulation, carpeting and pad, and nailing into the flooring was the way it
should be. He returned to check on the system, and even called during a cold spell to ask how the heat was working. He was true to his word. I can completely recommend Bob for anyone doing plumbing or radiant heat.


Rena Caldwell Westford Ma.

Bob Gagnon has been doing plumbing and heating for my company, T.G.
Construction for 27 years. Over this time he has been instrumental in satisfying dozens of our clients. Whether it was a custom home, an addition or a new kitchen, Bob made sure that his work was top quality. His passion for quality has made him a better plumber over the years. He is always looking for better, longer lasting products to improve the overall job. Bob has made himself an expert in Radiant heat
installation and design. He has incorporated solar heat systems with radiant heating giving our customers many options. When it came time for me to change my boiler, Bob combined a combination of radiant, forced hot water heat with a Superstor domestic water tank. This new system makes a very comfortable environment in my home while using less oil. I personally, have been in business 30 years and have come to the conclusion that a lot of contractors
know how to do a quality job.  However, a small percentage of them are willing to put in the time and effort needed to do just that. Bob puts in the time  and effort and he does the job like it is his own home. I look forward to working with him and his continued professionalism.

Tim Greewood, T.G. Construction Pelham, NH

Dec 2010 - After using our new boiler for a full year, the gas company has cut our budget payment in less than half of what it used to be!!
Mar 2010 - We were completely delighted with the service provided by Bob Gagnon in installing a new high efficiency Utica boiler and SuperStor hot water heater in our 100-year old Victorian home. Bob completed the project exactly as described, on schedule for the quoted price and with no surprises. Each step of the way, Bob communicated well and was a delight to work with. Bob cares deeply about his work and is thoughtful and meticulous - and the finished product shows it. Both the town and MassSave inspectors commented on the professionalism of the installation. Finally, comparing our monthly gas usage against last year, we are using about one-third less gas than we did with the old boiler. This boiler will pay for itself in five years. We cannot recommend Bob Gagnon highly enough for anyone's home heating project.

Art Schatz, Newton, MA
It is with great pleasure that we recommend Bob Gagnon to you. Beginning with our boiler installation and continuing through any necessary adjustments or repairs over a ten year period, Bob has treated us with the utmost professionalism, being responsive, punctual, and thorough in all our dealings. His honesty and candor are refreshing. You can find no better person for your heating needs
Ron and Ina Barron Newton, Massachusetts
Bob Gagnon Plumbing was my homebuilder’s subcontractor of choice. I first met Bob during the final phase of construction. From the start it was clear Bob brings true passion and creativity to the trade. Bob installed radiant heating throughout much of the first floor as well as in the upstairs bathrooms. You can’t appreciate the difference radiant heat flooring makes until you’ve lived with it. All other forms of heating pale in comparison.

Bob, Thank you for your hard work in converting my heating and hot water system from oil to gas. Your cost was very competitive and your work attitude, quality and professionalism was the best. I expect to save 3K per annum on my new gas system. There are also rebates that are wonderful, thanks for informing us about that as well, we are applying for about 2K. And as an added incentive, our
gas rate went down when we informed our gas company that we converted. It feels great to contribute to less oil dependency and to be more green. I would give the highest recommendation to any future customer. Thanks again,
Stephen Lew Brookline, MA.
Bob has been a pleasure to work with. Above all, Bob has remained involved with the project’ long after its completion. Bob has always been available for questions and advice, and has resolved issues without the need for an on-site call. I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking for the highest quality in plumbing/heating service.

Mark Schora Dracut, Massachusetts

Please feel free to contact me at: office/home 978-453-2211

Or e-mail me at:
Master Plumbers Lic.# 9694