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Bob Gagnon Plumbing & Heating - Radiant Heat Specialist

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is the most comfortable heating system available. Your entire floor becomes a low temperature radiator; on the coldest of days it will reach a maxium floor surface temperature of 85 degrees. Imagine every corner of your floor is now a low temperature radiator. This is achieved by running a series of flexible pex tubing inside of or underneath your floor- then insulating underneath Radiant Heat Oak Staircase
the pipes to push up the heat and gently warm    under floor staple-up method       
the wood sub floor and covering, whether it's hardwood, carpet or tile to a temperature sufficient to heat your house- this temperature can be much cooler than a regular radiator or baseboard because your floor is a much larger radiator with much more surface area. Imagine walking on tile that's 85 degrees instead of 60 degrees!

Radiant Heat Oak Staircase It is dependable. It has been widely used in Europe and Germany for many decades. It's performance and reliability have proven to be outstanding. I guarantee all large plumbing and heating jobs for 5 years and the systems are designed and built to last many decades. Because radiant heat warms slowly and gently it create
   radiant installed in a new stairway        very little dust. Other systems create convection
and aircirculation. Some systems actually blow scorched, dry, dusty air to heat. If you have forced hot air heat you will benefit most from radiant heat. I could install radiant heat under your floor without any baseboard, no cold spots or chills, much less dust and dust mites, and you won't have to turn on your forced hot air heat anymore!

I can talk from experience when I tell you how comfortable it is because I installed it in my own house in the summer of 1999 and I was really surprised at the increase in comfort levels compared to other systems. I've installed radiant systems prior to that and my customers loved it so much I had to see for myself. After experiencing Radiant Heat Granite Countertops
radiant heat I was amazed at the comfort levels.    radiant installed in a new counter      
I am a believer. Radiant heat is also the most efficient system you can buy. It cost more to install but these cost can be offset in the long run through lower fuel bills.

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